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Honest. Dependable. Quality.
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Koster Construction Inc.

Honest. Dependable. Quality.


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Koster Construction Inc. provides service and products in residential remodeling and construction.  With deep connections in  wholesale  construction materials and the manufacturing of millwork and cabinetry, we are able to offer directly to customers what most other contractors must purchase through intermediaries.  Backed by 15+ years of experience in the industry, at our core is a focus on the identifying and creating of customer value.

Customer relationships, as with vendor relationships, are built upon honest communication.  With Koster Construction, levels of service and product are never exaggerated, sale prices are fair and the price will always reflect the quality of services and products purchased. All products and services are true to what was quoted and needed, and the customer is never misled.

Dependability is honesty put into action, and of great importance is our ability to put our promises into action.  This means that promised deadlines are of the utmost importance and are held strictly.  It means that quality and service standards are followed through on, and that the products and services are themselves dependable.

The customer is the final judge of our work, and Koster Construction strives from beginning to end to deliver results in line with expectations. Providing quality products and services, work that is delivered on time, and honest open pricing, is our ultimate end goal.

Through our focus on customer value, we strive to continually improve our three core principles: honesty, dependability, and quality.  




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